Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What hubby wants, hubby gets! (If he behaves...)

With a name like "Once upon a Cakery", one would think that my blog has more to do with sweets than savoury.  Well, I try to be unpredictable, so here it is, barbecue pork back ribs!

The Grumpster (that would be hubby) has always said that the barbecue grill makes anything taste good and that everything should be cooked that way.  I, for one, prefer my old fashioned oven/stove top cooking methods, but since I'm feeling a little bit guilty these days (for reasons I shall leave out of the interwebs!), I decided this morning that I would give him what he wants.

Before attempting to even light the old rusty thing, I did some research and a good thing I did.  Apparently, one should never rip open a rack of ribs and simply throw it on the hot grill!  To produce the moist, tender, fall of the bone texture, a little bit (a lot) of preparation should be done ahead of time.  Take a look at these great tips that I learnt and might I add, worked wonders for my dinner tonight!  Note: I exercised my right to be unique and added celery seeds during the simmering period, and I did not refrigerate the ribs overnight with the sauce.

I must say that I enjoyed using the "barbie" but if lighting it is going to look like this every time (not my actual grill!), I may just reserve it for those days when I feel extra adventurous... (seriously, I was counting hairs on my arm after I lit the barbecue.)

What do you think?  How often do you use your barbecue?  Can it really cook anything and everything better?

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