Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who you calling a T bag?

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a tea fiend.  Every day, I have tea in some way, shape or form.  I drink it, I smell it in a candle, I put it on my face and I eat it in a cake...

A few cupcakes were even stuffed
with black cherry jelly!
The first time I made tea cupcakes, I went with the Earl Grey tea.  Although the flavours were wonderful, the cakes were a bit dry, because I did not follow the recipe to a T. (Pun intended!)  This time around, I used my favourite tea (for now, it changes every couple of months or so) from a local tea company.  It is called Cherry Rose Sencha.  Although the tea has a mild taste, the aroma of cherry and rose carry you to a Japanese garden that you did not know existed in your mind.

As the tea steeped in heavy cream, the aroma of the tea all of sudden transformed.  Rather than the tart cherry and rose bouquet that I got so used to, I was hit with the most scrumptious, bold perfume of a Matcha tea. (Surprise!  Mild taste no more!)  Since the cherry and rose aromas got somewhat lost in the steeping process, I decided that I would put them back in, but into the frosting instead.  Instead of just butter and confectioner's sugar, I added black cherry jelly and a splash of rose water to bring it back to the Cherry Rose Sencha I love so much.

Black cherry jelly, Cherry Rose Sencha
unbleached basket coffee filters
I know you are probably wondering to yourself, what's with the coffee filters in the picture?  Why, good of you to notice!  As a fresh blogger on the interwebs, I spend a lot of time discovering other cakery blogs from people who are kind enough to share their recipes, tips and experiences.  Created by Diane is one such site. This is where I found that instead of eating one little cupcake, I could be eating a chubby cupcake baked in a coffee filter!  Since the filters do not fit inside a muffin tin, I used my mini spring-form instead and it fit like a dream.

Coffee filter cupcake looks twice as delicious, no? :)
From now on, rather than looking like I'm hogging all the cupcakes, I can honestly say that I will only eat one... a BIG one!  How do YOU eat your cupcake?

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